Policies & Procedures

Saltbox 9C

This page has policies that we enforce for our unit.


Reservations within two months of the rental date require payment in full at the time of booking. Otherwise, a 50% deposit is required to reserve the unit. We book on a first-come first-served basis, hence, it is important to send your deposit/payment in quickly.

Payment in full, plus a $300 security deposit, is due prior to our sending keys and related documents. Your security deposit will be returned within one week of the unit being cleaned and we have determined that there is no damage beyond normal "wear and tear", and we have received the keys back.

All rentals of less than a month require payment of Vermont Rooms Tax. This is 10% of the rental fee. Rentals of at least a month are exempt from the rooms tax.

Payment is by check, Apple Pay or PayPal

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Getting and Returning Keys

The main difference between renting from a private owner as opposed to a rental agency is the issue of getting and returning keys; I don't have a staffed office!

As noted above, we take a 50% deposit at time of booking and the balance is due before we will give you keys.  Generally, people mail the final check about two weeks before the rental.  We will then either send the keys via overnight mail, or meet you at a mutually agreeable location, whichever is appropriate and easiest for you.  We generally provide two sets of keys, if you need more, let us know.

We also provide a packet of information that includes directions to Quechee and the condo, general information about the unit, suggestions on where to go to each or buy various things, emergency phone numbers, pamphlets from numerous places to go, etc.

After you return, please send the keys and information package back to us; standard mail (non-express delivery) is fine.  Once we have the package, and our cleaning people tell us there was no damage, your security deposit will be returned.

Check In/Check Out Times

Check In: 4PM

Check Out: 10AM

Note that there is no actual check-in/out procedure. You simply need to arrive no earlier than 4PM and must leave by 10AM.

If you stay past the check-out time our cleaning crew may need to reschedule their visit. If so, there will be a charge for doing so.

Generally, if we do not have a guest leaving on the same day you are arriving, you are welcome to use the unit all day. Similarly, if there is no one arriving the day you leave, you may stay through late afternoon. Please check with us prior to your arriving early/leaving late to see if we can accomodate you.


Sorry, but no pets are allowed. Period. Some owners have found out the hard way that renters are allergic to pets from previous renters. If we find that a pet was covertly brought into the unit, your entire security deposit will be forfeit.

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Our policy on cancellation is purposely vague. There are commercial management companies with more formal policies, but they also charge alot more. Our policies on cancellation are: Is this vague? Yes. However, we don't think it is unfair.

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