After the Eighth Day

July 12, 2000

Another full day effort to level the floor.  The floor is so far off that the original joists are pretty useless.  What they are doing is to attach a new joist in parallel to the old one, the combination of the two will provide additional structural support.  The first picture shows how a number of new joists have been attached to the old.  Note the arrows drawn in the photo showing the distance betwen the top of the new joist and the top of the old.  The original floor was off as much as two inches in spots.  The new one is level in both directions (I know, I crawled all over it tonight with a six foot level and checked!)

Now, if the original contractors were that far off on the floor, what makes you think anything else was done correctly?  The next photo shows that if you look up, there were a number of new joists installed in the ceiling (these are the floor joists for the second floor), to provide the structural integrity it needed.

Stay Tuned for More!