After the Sixth Day

July 10, 2000

Today they did the final destruction.  The first picture here shows that they have removed all of the old floor joists that were incorrectly done when the house was first constructed.  As you can see, there is now a nice view down into my wood shop!  At the bottom left of this picture you can see the cut-away drain line.  The bathroom will stay approximately where it was, but the sink and toilet will be swapped for esthetic reasons.

Here you can see that they removed the last wall in the kitchen.  If you can't remember what it looked like, click here for a link to the picture where there was a wall.  They waited until the end as this is a major load-bearing wall for the house.  There are several 2x4s put up to support the second floor.

Now that the destruction is complete, it is time to rebuild the floor, level it, and reinforce the joists for the second floor.  A delivery of some serious lumber (these are 2x8x18') arrived as well as some 3x8x18' laminated beams.  This picture was taken at night, but you can still tell that this is some serious lumber!

Stay Tuned for More!