After the Fourth Day

July 7, 2000

I came home and found a few things missing from the house!  The plumbing seen here was all removed from the house.  In part, because they needed to get it out of the way so they could level the floor, and in part because it was in pretty bad shape.  No electrical or carpentry work were done today; I think there is a union rule that doesn't allow too much progress to be made in any one day...

Here are the"after" and "before" (in that order) pictures showing that all the plumbing from the bathroom has been removed and some temporary pipes used to supply the second floor.  They did get the hot and cold lines reversed at first; a small surprise as we turned on the "cold" water and nearly got scalded and flushed the toilet to find it a tad warm, but that was quickly corrected.


Stay Tuned for More!