After the Eleventh Day

July 18, 2000

They completed the walls to the bathroom today.  This picture is taken looking through the "door".

With the bathroom walls in place they started construction of the pocket door that leads from the kitchen into the family room.  In this picture you can see the hollow supports where the door will slide through.

Last, but not least, they began some plumbing as well.  The temporary pipes supplying water for the second floor were removed and new pipe installed (it runs through the bathroom wall).  And below you can see where they have started to insert the drain line for where the kitchen sink will be.  This was moved from its original location, and is now near where the backdoor is (which is what is in the upper right part of the picture).  The back door is being moved about three feet to the right to give us room for additional countertop.

Stay Tuned for More!