The Boykin Family

The Boykin Family consists of:
is a retired engineering executive having been the Vice President of Engineering at a number of high-tech companies over the years.

These days, Joe is an EMT Instructor and teaches CPR and First Aid as the owner and lead instructor for Emergency Response Training. He is also an EMT for Cataldo Ambulance Service and a 9-1-1 dispatcher. No, I don't get any sleep...

As an engineering manager I was the VP of Engineering at eProvenance, a company that monitored fine wine during transport and storage, The VP of Engineering for Oxy Systems, a company developing social networking software for the mobile industry. Before that I was co-founder and Vice President of Product Development at UbqC (Pronounced as the word "Ubiquicy"). UbqC was a storage infrastructure company. The company's intellectual property was acquired in 2005.

Prior to UbqC, I was the Vice-President of Engineering at InfoLibria in Waltham, MA.  InfoLibria is (was) a five year old startup company specializing in Internet Content Distribution and Delivery.  What that means is we enable new services that require high-bandwidth content distribution, such as video and audio.  In short, with an InfoLibria enabled solution, think of being able to watch TV on your computer. InfoLibria ceased operation in December 2002. I guess there isn't much to say about them anymore.

Prior to joining InfoLibria, and for several months after joining InfoLibria, Joe was a Management Consultant to Orca Systems, Inc.  Another interesting startup in the local area.  Orca was acquired in June of 2000 by Network Appliance, Inc.
Prior to this, he was the Director of Software Engineering for Mercury Computer Systems, Inc. Mercury Computer Systems sells embedded real-time distributed-memory multi-computer systems. Their niche is in the high-end of the processing and interconnect arena; primarily image processing systems that are used in radar and sonar image processing, CT and MRI scanners in the medical arena, etc.
Prior to joining Merury, he was at CLARiiON Advanced Storage Systems (what was a Data General Company, but aquired by EMC in 1999), where he was the head of New Product Development. The primary prouct he was building was a revolutionary one for high-performance backup. The system, which reached a demonstrable stage, was capable of linear and infinite I/O scaleability. Moving tens, hundreds or billions of GigaBytes per hour were simply a matter adding incremental hardware resources. Unfortunately, the company could not figure out how to either market the product or fund its completion.
Prior to joining CLARiiON he was with GTE Laboratories, responsible for large-scale distributed computing systems. From 1991 to 1995 he was with Encore Computer and was the head of the Research Operating Systems group; this group was responsible for most of the multiprocessor work in the Mach microkernel as well as OSF/1.
Before joining Encore Joe ran Custom Software Systems, a systems software consulting shop and producer of retail software such as PC/VI, and PC/TOOLs, which were implementations of UNIX programs that ran on top of 86-DOS, er. MS-DOS.
In his deep dark past Joe worked for CompuServe where he was a member of the three-person team that put together the original CompuServe Information Service.
In a far darker past he worked for Seattle Computer Products and was one of three authors of a tiny operating system called QDOS for 8086 S-100 based computers. Q-DOS was later renamed to 86-DOS (mostly when people found out that it stood for the "Quick and Dirty Operating System"). SCP sold that operating system to a little company in Redmond who renamed it to something else.
In addition to all that, Joe tries to do a lot for the professional community, including having been elected First Vice-President of the IEEE Computer Society and serving as Vice President of the Society's Technical Activities Board and Press Activities Board for a total of five years; was the society's Treasurer for two years; founded and Chaired the Workshop on Hot Topics in Operating Systems (the latest of which was HotOS-VII), etc.



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recently left Fideltity Investments after 31 years as a Technology Director. The package was too good to pass up...

Since then she semi-retired and became an Esthetician.

She holds her MBA from Boston University and a BA in Finance from UMass Amherst.  When Barbara turned 40 (July 1, 1999) we held a surprise party at Ascutney Moutain ResortPictures of the event may be found here.


  Pictures of the family over time may be found here

Most of the pictures here are pretty old, time to update!
is thirty-two years old and has a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from the University of Iowa. He did his undergraduate work at the University of Wisconsin at Madison with a degree in Kineseology. He is currently back in Iowa working as a PT while his fiance is doing her PA residency in Emergency Medicine.

He also works as a track coach and was previously a track coach in Phoenix Arizona at Altis. He likes training professional and olympic class track and field athletes.

These pictures are ancient, but hey, he's still my little boy!

is 29 years old and a graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA in Interior Design. She currenty works in the San Francisco area as an Interior Designer.