Directions to:
11 Herland Way
Wayland, MA   01778
508-245-9398 (Cell)

Please print these instructions out.

Herland Way is a private road and is only now getting onto mapping sites such as Mapquest or Google. Even then, while Google has the street on the map, you can not search for the street.

I informed Navteq (the supplier of the map data) of the error of their ways in early 2005 about this. I guess "Internet Time" isn't as fast as it used to be...

Google map. Click on the image for a larger version.

From the Mass Pike
From The North
From Route 128
From Route 9

From The Mass Pike

From the North

Wayland is approximately 5 miles west of Route 128. Town center is at the intersection of Routes 27 and 20.

If you are North of Route 20 and close to or east of Route 128, you can take Route 128 South and follow the directions below.

From Route 128

From Route 9